Flying Cold
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Trained as a pilot during World War I, Russel Merrill was determined to spend his life flying. His love of flight lured him from Oregon to Alaska, the far frontier of aviation where Merrill piloted the first airplanes to fly into Petersburg, Wrangell, Kodiak and Anchorage. He was an inventive aviator who once declared he would rather eat beans in Alaska than live in comfort elsewhere.

FLYING COLD chronicles Merrill's daring 750 mile journey across the Gulf of Alaska in a flying boat with a single small motor, his first rescue mission by air, crash-landings, and strandings.

In 1928, Merrill nearly died after being forced down in the Arctic while helping fly a Fox Film Expedition crew to Barrow in northern Alaska, showing up there weeks later, half dead, but still carrying a cup of rice he had saved for an "emergency".


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Flying Cold

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